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Frequently Asked Questions

Who should attend the RIVER SCHOOL?

Students most likely to succeed at The RIVER SCHOOL are open to new opportunity and willing to take charge of their own lives and education. Some already will have done well academically, others will be struggling. Most will be from families with courage to look beyond the “norm,” who trust that a special learning environment can make all the difference.

How will learning happen at the RIVER SCHOOL?

Learning at The RIVER SCHOOL will have three parts:
1. Traditional academics taught in a student-centered, self-paced, individualized manner
2. Community involvement through part-time possibilities like holding a job, interning, apprenticing and volunteering
3. Experiential component of affordable and challenging travel

What will a typical day be like at the RIVER SCHOOL?

The school year will be simililar to the public schools, but time will be used differently.
Core academic subjects will be taught mornings in an interactive and compelling manner. Humanities courses will be taught in a conversation-based manner in seminar-type setting.

Math and science will be self-paced with students starting out wherever their skills dictate and progressing with the help of the teacher, their peers and books or internet tools that match their learning style.

Students will spend part of the afternoons out in the community. Belfast offers abundant opportunities for experiential education.

Each fall and spring will include some travel. We have experience leading student trips in New England, the American West, Canada, Europe and Africa.

How will the school be financed?

The RIVER SCHOOL will be funded by a combination of grants, private donations and tuition. Tuition will be consistent with that charged by other primary and secondary mid-coast private schools. Some financial assistance may be available.

What about guidance?

Each student will have an advisor who will work with them to develop a detailed but changeable learning plan with goals and steps for attaining them.

What about college admissions?

The RIVER SCHOOL, like many other small private schools, will encourage but not require students to take standardized tests such as SAT, AP and CLEP. Test results, grades, a portfolio and a transcript will combine to demonstrate a student’s accomplishments.

Where is River School located?

We are located at 9A Beaver St., in the historic heart of downtown Belfast, Maine. Our mailing address is PO Box 41, Belfast, ME 04915.