How To Make Charcoal From Coconut Shells Effectively

It is possible to take simple coconut shells and convert them into energy. They can be converted into charcoal which can be burned. Coconut shells can also be converted into the liquid fuel such as biofuel used by diesel vehicles. A process called carbonization can be used for this purpose. Once the material is placed into a coconut shell charcoal machine after being dried, it can be carbonized into charcoals at a rather high temperature. If you are in charge of a large area where coconut shells are produced for your business, you can add additional revenue to your company by using a charcoal making equipment to convert them into latent forms of energy.

Carbonization Machine Price

Coconut Shell Charcoal Making Machine for Sale

Where will be Charcoal Making Machine For This Purpose?

You can use one of these enormous machines to convert a substantial amount of coconut shells into charcoal every day. The other materials can also be sold, but if your primary focus is coconut shells, you should be able to convert this very quickly. It may take a few weeks for you to receive the biochar machine and have it set up, but once it is up and running, it’s going to be a very useful apparatus that can help generate charcoal through carbonization process very quickly. As long as you have a consistent supply of the coconut shells to convert, this can be one of the more lucrative aspects of your business, and can save you money by not having to dispose of the shells once the coconut inside has been processed.

How Large Of A Machine Would You Need To Use?

You would need to use a larger machine if you have an enormous facility. If you are harvesting coconut shells for several months, you could produce tons of charcoal which can be sold. Although there are some businesses that might use the charcoal for heating purposes, it is usually sold to companies that sell charcoal to people in countries that need it. It is a commodity that is always in demand, and the coconut shells that you produce can help provide this product to many that need it.

Charcoal Production Machines

Charcoal Making Equipment

Will It Take Long To Recoup Your Investment?

It’s not going to take very long to recoup your investment for a couple different reasons. First of all, if you have a large operation, you could see profits starting the first few weeks that you have it functional. After a couple years, you might even make all of your money back from this investment, plus the savings that you will have by getting rid of the shells on your own can lead to paying this off in a very short period of time.

If you are looking for a way to help the environment, and also generate more revenue for your business, installing a carbonization machine might be what you should do. If you do have a large company that is harvesting coconut shells quite regularly, it is important to have one of these available to convert this into charcoal. Coconut shells are a viable energy source when converted in this manner. You can also sell the bio oil and biofuel that will be produced as a byproduct. You can find high production and low cost charcoal making plants that can be shipped directly to you in a short period of time. Just make sure that you compare the prices, and also make sure that it can handle the volume of coconut shells that you are processing. You can visit ‘’ to get more information about this machine.

Using Carbonized Rice Hull Production Equipment To Create A New Industry

Traditionally, most rice farmers and millers just threw away the empty rice hull. In fact, as millers were dumping these empty rice hulls and burning them on the side of the roads, they became both a sanitary and a health hazard. Today, modern technology and carbonized rice hull production equipment have resulted in a new use for this one-time disposable product. Carbonizing rice hulls has turned into a way for some of the farmers and millers to earn extra income. As the price of the carbonization equipment comes down, more individuals are taking advantage of carbonizing rice hulls for both local use and export. This new process has succeeded in adding a new division to this industry.

Beston Rice Husk Charcoal Making Machine

Beston Rice Husk Charcoal Making Machine

Uses Of Carbonized Rice Hulls

It used to be that driving along through rice country, you could see huge piles of rice hulls sitting in fields and on the side of the road. There were no real options for using these hulls, so they were simply heaped together and allowed to rot.

Today, modern farming techniques and new equipment have completely changed this process. Instead of disposing of the rice hulls by piling them up and waiting for them to disintegrate, today’s rice farmers and millers are using biomass pyrolysis plant to create carbonized rice hulls. The hulls are burnt using no oxygen so they do not disintegrate into ash. The product is used throughout the farming industry in many ways.

Carbonized rice hulls are used to enrich farm soil, to help nourish high-value crops as a growing medium, to enhance the growth of seedlings, and as litter for brooding chickens. Here is the related website: WWW.CARBONIZATIONFURNACE.COM.

The Process

Most of the world’s rice comes from Southeast Asia. In countries such as the Philippines, farmers and millers had very little use for the husks of the rice that collected after the crop was processed. For the most part, these empty husks were simply piled up and people were allowed to take what they needed and the rest would eventually rot and disintegrate.

Beston Rice Hull Carbonization Machine for Sale

Beston Rice Hull Carbonization Machine for Sale

Some people would use the empty rice hulls to help insulate ice blocks so they wouldn’t melt before the got them home. Others would use them in their chicken houses as litter. Others would use the rice hulls to help incubate the eggs they were using to make balut, a Philippine delicacy. Most people would use the husks as a fill to help level their land. Still, even with these types of uses, the rice farmers and millers were producing more rice hulls than could be used and it created a serious disposal problem.

With the advent of carbonized rice hull charcoal making machine, more uses for the product have emerged and it’s made a big dent in the disposal problem. The process isn’t difficult and the benefits are many.

The rice hulls are carbonized using a process that burns them without using oxygen. Once carbonized, these hulls are free of disease and sterile. This makes them a perfect material to use for brooding chicks and much better than raw rice hulls.

Since these hulls are sterilized, they help minimize any contamination due to disease. The material is very helpful in absorbing moisture from manure and reducing the number of flies that are typically found around manure piles. If the carbonized rice hull litter is also treated with Biosec, an enzyme, the manure’s odor is also eliminated.

Additionally, these applied enzymes help break down any nutrients in the manure making it easier for plants to absorb the nutrients. This creates an organic fertilizer for crops.

As carbonized rice hull production equipment becomes more available, farmers and millers can build additional income. This product has many uses including growing crops, chicken litter, and creating organic fertilizer.

Choosing the Best Charcoal Making Machine Available

There are a few options for the best charcoal machine for sale to anyone wanting to make charcoal for their own needs. These will all save you money, will allow you to go farther with your own business, and will give you the freedom to make you own items. However, there are some differences between them and understanding these differences is important for total and complete happiness on the part of a buyer. Thankfully, we will be going over these options in this article.

Design of Charcoal Making Machine

Design of Charcoal Making Machine

The first thing you are going to want to look for is the fuel being used. Depending on what is cheapest in your area, you will want to choose a fuel that is easy to get. Any machine that makes charcoal but isn’t going to use an easy to get fuel will be useless to you. This is because you need to get a steady supply of fuel to really ensure the best results. Thankfully there are a huge number of options available and many machines will use a variety of fuels, making your job even easier.

The next thing to consider is how much can be processed at once. If you are just starting out, a smaller processing level is going to be acceptable. However, if you are looking to produce things on a large scale, the small carbonization furnace just going to frustrate you. This information is easily available and should be easy to understand as well. Beston Machinery is famous for waste recycling machine, which will offer you a suitable business plan. Here is a video of our charcoal machine in China.

It is also important to remember that bamboo is going to have a different volume than coconut shells, so keeping that information in mind is helpful when you look at how much a given machine can process. Always check the specifics before you make a commitment to really buy the machine to make charcoal from biomass.

The next thing you will want to check is the opinions of others in the same business. Inferior products hurt everyone in the business, so most people are going to be willing to at least tell you when something is horrible. In addition, customer reviews will tell you when something is particularly good. Keeping all of this in mind will ensure that you get a machine that is in the top few for its class.

Sawdust Charcoal Machine to Russia

Sawdust Charcoal Machine to Russia

Finally, you will want to make sure that the company itself has a good reputation. If you need replacement parts or want to expand at a later date, you will want to make sure that you are going with the same company. Thankfully the reputation of most companies is easy to find simply by looking them up. Beston products, including our charcoal making machine, garbage sorting machine, waste pyrolysis machine, are offered with the best quality and price.

Overall considering just a few small things will make easier to determine which model on the market is the best charcoal making machine price for your needs. However, the answer is almost always going to be the same because the top suppliers get to the top for producing good machines.

Palm Kernel Shell Carbonization Machine and the Environmental Impacts

With the world warming up in some parts of the world and freezing in some parts of the world, the environment is taking a beating from some fairly deplorable items that are causing such a mess with this destruction of mother earth. We see it every day on the news and on the internet about these horrible storms and disasters happening all over the globe. This is all from destroying our climate with dangerous chemicals and products being spewed in our air and in the oceans. If we can control and regulate these bad and harmful products, we will then be able to stave off any further damage to our home, the earth. Well some inventors all over the world are trying to put an end to the pollution and toxic sediment being deployed all over the free world. One of these new inventions being used each day is the palm kernel shell charcoal machine, which uses pyrolysis equipment and technologies to rid the world of these deplorable carbon footprints we keep leaving for future generations, if we have a future generation.

Palm Kernel Shell Carbonization Machine

Palm Kernel Shell Carbonization Machine

This technology and product does some amazing things, it very simply recycles these environmentally hurtful products and biohazards and hazardous materials and waste. Thru its own proprietary systems, it recycles items safely from our environment. Things such as plastics that hurt the sea life when dumped in the rivers and oceans. It recycles oils, such as motor oils and cooking oils and grease sediment that also hurts our marine life and water supply. I think one of the biggest benefits to this charcoal making machine ( is the way in which it recycles and takes out of our habitat items and substances like rubbers and tars. Products like coal tar and other fossil fuel based substances, which in turn harbors a very negative impact on our home, our planet, our mother earth. These coal tar products and crude oil or fossil fuel based products when released in the atmosphere causes things like the ozone layer to get messed with and our protection from the sun goes down, causing things like cancer and radiation from the sun to hurt our everyday life on earth.

charcoal making machine

Palm Kernel Shell Charcoal making machine

When a technology such as with pyrolysis equipment, the earth and our atmosphere really get helped because we can turn those dangerous byproducts into something meaningful. The technology employed by the palm kernel shell charcoal machine is so great that it can only be expanded into future technologies and enhanced to treat many other items of questionable safety. As new enhancements are made, these products being recycled will be turned into productive items. How would you like to know that these rubber recycled products are saving lives beyond the positive effects of removing these rubbers from the environment, and saving lives by creating other lifesaving products. It is possible to create from recycled materials, new items, such as pacemakers and diabetic supplies.

So the next time you’re thinking that nothing is being done about these atrocities in our environment, remember that carbonization equipment is being employed to rid the world of the disastrous items and helping the present and future generations live in a healthier and cleaner world by opening the door way to recycling and eliminating the worst of the worst pollutants in the world.

Overview Of The Coconut Shell Charcoal Production Line

In certain parts of the world, the production of coconuts is extremely large. When they are harvested, and subsequently cleaned out, all that is left is the shell. The shell can actually be used as a form of fuel by processing the shell through a machine where charcoal can be produced. This charcoal will be very potent, much better than what you can harvest from the ground through mining operations. If these machines are utilized by the same companies that are producing coconuts, as well as harvesting, this could serve as a secondary source of fuel that could be used by these businesses. It’s also good for the environment, and these machines are actually cost-effective. They can pay for themselves very quickly, as long as the person that purchases coconut shell charcoal machine has an ample supply of coconut shells.

Coconut Shell Charcoal Production Line

How Does This Processing System Work?

The coconut shell charcoal machine begins with the introduction of coconut shells which are a form of biomass. In the same way that people will take the remaining portions of crops and put them through the same process, this is what happens with coconut shells. This application begins with the stems, leaves, or shells of the coconuts and once they are processed, they can be used for fuel. Here to know charcoal production machine cost.

Coconut Shell Carbon

Coconut Shell Carbon

.Where Does This Type Of Machinery Work Best?

This type of coconut shell charcoal production line is typically found in countries where coconuts are produced in large volumes. This could be a country like Malaysia. When the coconut shell is discarded, it can be processed through these machines where they will be ground up to a powder, and using what is called the drum method, the coconut shell will be converted to charcoal. It can also be changed into what is called granular activated carbon which is something that is often used in water filtration systems. The reason that this works so well is because of the very porous nature of the coconut shells, and is very useful for this purpose. One final use for coconut shells is that in countries where there are a substantial amount of mosquitoes such as Asia, Malaysia, or in cities such as Hong Kong, the spiral mosquito coils which burn during the evening hours can be very helpful at providing the material needed for these mosquito repellents that burn.

What Is The Main Product That Is Produced?

The main product that is made, especially in areas where fuel is not overly abundant, is in the production of what are called clean burning briquettes. These can be used indoors, without producing a lot of smoke, but they will also produce a substantial amount of heat. This is because of how concentrated the charcoal is, which is why it also burns so slowly. It is a great alternative to coal which can produce a significant amount of soot and is not just material to be earned in areas that are enclosed where heat is absolutely needed. As long as the coconut charcoal making machine continues uninhibited, it can be a very profitable type of business.

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